What is this?

Digimon re:SET is the collective name and hub for the Digimon FDD projects produced by Ken E. (aka Glitchgoat, PlagueMD, Kazz). Unless otherwise specified, each project is set in its own continuity, with no prerequisite knowledge (of either canon or fan-project) required for comprehension.
Digimon re:GENESIS was originally published between October 2011 and October 2013; it is mirrored and archived here, and is 51 chapters long. It is rated PG.
Digimon re:CONNECT began in March 2017 and is currently running. It will run for approximately 50 chapters. It is rated PG-13 to light R.
Digimon re:LOAD (rated PG), Digimon re:ACTOR (rated PG), and Digimon re:FUSE (rated R) are projects that have been announced (or at least vaguely hinted at) but do not currently have set release dates, because I'm one guy and not getting paid for this.